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Customer trust: complicated when you are small

Most clients do not trust a small graphic design studio (or freelancer) and prefer a big communication agency.

That’s one of the first things these first 5 years have taught us.

We have lost many projects and tenders partly because of this lack of trust.

However, this perception is unfounded because the size of a structure has no impact on the quality of work it can offer.

  • According to a study conducted by the Institute of Design Research at the University of Cambridge, it has been shown that the size of a company is not a reliable indicator of the quality of its work.
  • According to the same study, it is proven that small structures are much more flexible and innovative. This allows them to provide more creative solutions to customers.
  • a small structure generally has a greater capacity to adapt to the specific demands of customers.
  • a small studio often has lower labor and overhead costs, which allows it to offer more competitive rates for the same or better results than a large communications agency

According to a study conducted by the Design Council, 71% of companies that used an independent designer or small studio reported an increase in revenue.

In addition, a survey conducted by AIGA shows that clients who used independent designers were more satisfied with their work than those who worked with larger agencies.

It is important to note that the quality of the work depends primarily on the skills and experience of the designer, not on the size of the company he or she works for.

A small structure may have more expertise in one or more specific areas compared to larger communication agencies.

Please note that small graphic studios may have smaller teams, but this does not mean that they are less competent… on the contrary!